dimanche 9 décembre 2012

Home is the nicest word there is.

I'm the type of person that likes to have a few projects during the year, but this one is... is like a rite of passage in my life. Up until now, if had nothing to my name. No car, but i lived in an apartment and i had my work. For me it's always been home before mobility. Especially living in Montreal, having a car is a luxury. I know our metro and bus system isn't perfect but you can get from one point to the other in no time. So i had to analyse what i needed.

Location, location, location is the key! I am from the west island of Montreal, which means it takes me about 2 hours transit to go anywhere... Yeah, I'm not kidding. And it gets worst with winter. So i needed a place near a metro station. For longer transit, i just got a membership to Communauto. So far it's great for the times I'll need to go outside of Montreal. I needed a place near a grocery store and other commodities (SAQ, Communauto, Mall, etc). 

Everything happens for a reason. While Home hunting, i fell upon this website. For anyone looking to get a condo in Montreal, look at this first... And your welcome! Because i was subscribed to there newsletter  i feel upon this beautiful gem in march. Behold, my future residence : La Fabrique125. To show my dedication, i had to wait in line for about 13 hours and spending the night camping. Yeah I'm stubborn like that but it's to expect when it's a project from SHDM. Because of the good prices of the condos and the 10% cash down given by the project, it's a steal right there folks. 

I went to visit there a few times. I'll try to get an up to date picture. I have to say wow! New York Style lofts  in Montreal is a very good thing. with an affordable price and the 10% free cash down. What can i say. Oh wait, did i mention it's right beside the Marché Central? Oh yeah I got everything i need and then some. 

There is a Demo condo available you can visit and let's say everything looks very promising. There was a well written article on this project (in french). Feel free to check it out. 

I almost forgot. For anyone wanting to live in Montreal, there is financial assistance available and it starts off with 4500$ for singles and it goes up with the number of family members. The only condition is to live at the same place for 3 years. Not bad huh.

Well there you have it. Four more months of waiting. But i have been keeping myself very busy buying left and right. I even have a check list. Preparations is long and tedious but it will be well worth it. If ever you have any question regarding the process, ill gladly answer. Also if you have any tips to share i will gladly take them and use them. 

Fred xx