lundi 29 avril 2013

Lost & Found Again.

It has been a while since my last post. Things have been moving pretty fast in the last 6 month or so. With the new acquisition in the next few days/weeks, it's been heel to organize all of this. It's been taking a toll on me and when that happens... It affects more than just me. My entourage suffers as well. It is true, for some i have been very distant and i have to start by apologizing. I have to set a few priorities straight: my condo. 
Once that this milestone has been achieved, the old Fred will be back. 

I have to be honest with myself: lately I have been feeling a bit lost. Out of sync. Blah. Could it be winter dragging a bit too long or just being inactive (damn foot injury)? Or just impatient or anxious about things moving too slow? I daresay all of the above.

We always try to find the answers to all of our questions. The answers are either no as easy to find or it's just we are not ready to get that answer. Maybe i just need some time off or go on a trip of some sorts. I had plans to go on a UK Trip ( Ireland, Scotland and England) and see some old friends as well while i'm there. But this project will have to go on the ice for a little while. Sigh... 

I will be writing more soon.